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The Reading Lab & Dyslexia Center offers tutoring for all ages. Our lessons are tailored to each individual. During the first assessment, we’ll determine what the student already knows, any missing holes in the foundation, and use that information to map future lessons. We start with phonics and build from there, using an OG (Orton Gillingham) program, especially designed for struggling readers.

Sessions are $70/hour. Scholarships may be available upon request.

To schedule a $70 evaluation call Lori Bassett at (435) 229-2853.


Free Public Information

Lori Bassett, the owner and director of RL & DC is dedicated to getting information to the community about dyslexia and the help that is available to people of all ages. Check out these resources and links below:

Good videos about dyslexia:

Schedule a consultation for only $70 and see for yourself how we work.

We are more than just a reading program. It helps with spelling and writing as well. Pushing students quickly for testing purposes is NOT the answer. Playing while learning is.